Olympus BTX Profiler




Olympus BTX Profiler
The BTX Profiler provides combined XRD and XRF analysis in one benchtop system for compositional analysis at the structural and elemental level. It affords economy of operational costs, space, and time with a seamless integration of data and results.
Combined XRD and XRF for Comprehensive Materials Analysis
Mineralogy-Phase Analysis with 2-D-XRD
Elemental Analysis with ED-XRF
Seamless Integration of Data and Results
Economy of Operational Cost, Space and Time
The BTX Profiler carries on the revolutionary XRD technology employed in NASA’s “Curiosity” Rover, part of the successful NASA Mars Science Laboratory program. It combines with the highly acclaimed, award winning Earthbound technology employed in Olympus Analytical XRD and XRF Instruments.The BTX Profiler provides state of the art performance for both XRD structural (mineralogy/phase) and XRF elemental analysis. This is achieved by approaching each analysis with its own optimized technology, affording the high performance required for excellence in comprehensive compositional materials analysis.
XRD Pattern Analysis
The X-ray source excites material at the atomic level and the CCD detector captures a 2-D image of the diffraction pattern caused by interaction with the material’s crystalline substance (phase). This image is referred to as a Debye or Diffraction Ring where each ring corresponds to a diffraction pattern peak and the brightness of a ring corresponds to the intensity. The CCD Detector enables whole or large portions of the diffraction rings to be measured simultaneously. Data processing software then converts the 2-D image to a plot of intensity vs. energy. It further converts the energy to a 2-? value for a plot comparable to conventional diffractometer data. The XRD pattern identifies a compound much like a fingerprint does.

The BTX Profiler provides combined 2-D-XRD and ED-XRF analysis for full compositional analysis. This nondestructive, high-performance capability is of particular significance for several industrial sectors including energy, geochemistry, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, forensics and education.

Energy Exploration
Green Field Mining and Geo-steering
Mineral Identification
Ore Grade Control
Benefication Efficiency
Counterfeit Drug Screening
Pharmaceutical Discovery Library Building
Catalyst Development
Fire and Explosives Forensics
Corrosion Monitoring
Education and Research


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