Oxford AffirmoEX benchtop EMR Spectrometer




Oxford AffirmoEX benchtop EMR Spectrometer

Oxford Instruments supplies the world’s smallest Benchtop Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR) spectrometer for industrial, scientific and educational applications.

Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR), also known as Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) or Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), is a long established technique that offers direct measurement of free radicals (unpaired electrons) and a range of valence states in transition metals. Until now the instrumentation available has confined the technique to advanced research applications and expert users.

With the introduction of Oxford Instruments’ new AffirmoEX, this technique is now accessible for development and Quality Assurance applications in industrial and educational laboratories where it can be used as a tool to find answers to practical problems without needing an in-house EMR expert.

The AffirmoEX includes a patented miniature electron spin resonance spectrometer, operating at 9.7 GHz with a sweep range of up to 400 mT providing sub-micromolar sensitivity. It is supplied with an automatic temperature controller and integrated full Windows computer system with Ethernet and multiple USB ports.

Improved control of frying processes
Reduced cost of cooking oil replenishment
Improved quality control of oil-cooked products
Improved machinery lifetime
Cost-optimised lubricating oil replacement
Early identification of incipient machinery failure
Affordable, practical student hands-on experience
Direct Measurements
Spin-trap measurements
Spin-label measurements


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