Oxford Instruments CMI165 Copper Thickness Gauge with Temperature Compensation


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The CMI165 provides unique temperature compensated Copper Thickness
Measurements in an ergonomic compact hand-held device. Measurements on
Copper are affected by the temperature of the measured sample. The CMI
165 accounts for temperature in the measurement of thickness ensuring
accurate in-process inspection results regardless of Copper
temperature. This versatile, portable gauge equipped with protective
case, has a rugged and durable design that allows it to be taken into
the harshest environments.

Measure hot or cold Cu on PCBs
Reduce waste by eliminating the need for coupons
Measure foil or laminated Cu thickness in ?m, mils or oz
Sort Cu by weight at incoming drilling, shearing or plating
Quantify Cu thickness after etching or planarizing
Verify Cu plating thickness on PCB surfaces

SRP-T1 Replaceable Probe Tip – no recalibration necessary
Spare SRP-T1 replacement tip ensures no factory downtime
Illuminated probe tip for easy positioning on copper traces
User Interface available in both English and Simplified Chinese

Copper thickness is measured using 4-point probe electrical resistance method
and conforms to standard EN 14571
Thickness measurement ranges:
Copper Electroless: (0.25-12.7) ?m, (0.01-0.5) mils
Copper Electrodeposited: (2.0-254) ?m, (0.1-10) mils
High repeatability and reliability: s= 0.08 ?m at 20 ?m (0.003 mils at
0.79 mils)
Statistical analysis includes data recording, average, standard
deviation and high-low reporting
Measurement units in ?m, mils or oz
User interface in English or Simplified Chinese
Measure etched traces as thin as 204 ?m (8mils) without line width standards
Store 9,690 measurements (with optional date and time stamp)
USB 2.0 high-speed data transfer interfaced with Microsoft Excel
Factory calibrated and certified by Oxford Instruments
Customizable for other applications
Static or continuous mode measurement
Powered by regular AA batteries

OICM CMI165 Copper Thickness Gauge
Spare SRP-T1 Replacement Probe Tip
OICM Protective carrying case with a belt clip
2 AAA alkaline batteries
OICM NIST Traceable Test Calibration Certificate
Quick Start Guide / Instruction manual


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