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Oxford Instruments Analytical has been at the forefront of X-ray technology
since the early 1970?s, when the first Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence
(EDXRF) analyser was produced. Advances in technology have led to the
development of the unique combination of both Wavelength Dispersive
(WDXRF) and EDXRF, to be found in the MDX1000.
Many hundreds of these instruments have been delivered world-wide, with
around 80% being exported. This commitment to overseas markets is
demonstrated by wholly owned subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, France and
Japan and by an extensive network of agents, providing world-wide service and
Autosampler option for 1-72 samples
? Unattended analysis
? Overnight runs
? Operation under full software control
? Calibration and automatic

Minimal sample preparation
? Liquid and granules poured directly into
sample cell
? Powders analysed ?as received? or ground
and pressed into a pellet
? Metals ground or turned to a flat surface
? No precise weighing
? No volumetric measurement


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