Oxford PMI-MASTER PRO Spark Emission Spectrometer


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UVTouch – The New Smarter Probe for PMI-MASTER PRO
We are proud to introduce you a a new, unique, detachable probe to be
used with our PMI-MASTER PRO analyser.
With the new UVTouch you have all analysis information available on
the probe? ? and without any compromise in analytical precision or
elements to be determined.
Robust technology allows continuous use in any location, even in
rugged conditions
No more working with heavy items on ladders or scaffolds. Just take
the UVTouch probe and leave the spectrometer on the floor level!
This is the only analyser with an optional 10 m flexible connection
cable ? ideal for difficult to reach areas.
To new extensions with the new OES UVTouch probe!!
Fast analysis, quick verification of results and sorting of material even on
remote, difficult and hard to reach areas in industrial yards ? just
using the probe and its straightforward user interface
Long connection cable between the probe and main unit enables an
operation radius of 10 metres from the main PMI-MASTER PRO unit
User interface on a probe ? optimal contrast properties to view any
lighting conditions inside and outside
Results displayed on both the probe and main unit thanks to an
automatic high-speed connection between the systems
Easy access to sample surfaces thanks to the compact design of the nose

Uncompromised accuracy and stability of analysis in varying environments
? also for low C, P, S, Sn, As and B concentrations in steel
Argon purged optics in the probe
Adapters for irregular surfaces available

?Touch screen display on probe
Results immediately available for a quick check ? no need to get
back to the main unit
Access to the main functions of the spectrometer ? a true remote function
Virtual keyboard on a touch screen ? labour-saving feature

Precise analysis and material identification including carbon,
phosphorus, sulphur, boron and tin determinations
Fast off-site, on-site and laboratory testing
Perfect mobility with long-life battery power and trolley for ergonomic use
Immediately ready for action with no warm-up phase
Easy to use, even for untrained operators
Lightweight ergonomic sample probe with 4 m flexible probe cable
Quick, simple touch-screen operation
Our unique Jet-Stream Technology ensures analysis accuracy on samples
of all sizes and shapes
Windows?-based software controlled with a rugged, dust-proof TFT
touch-screen even under the harshest conditions
Extensive and customisable grade library
Low maintenance costs


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