Oxford X-MET5100 Hand-held XRF analyzer


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X-MET5100 for Metal and Alloy Analysis
Scrap Sorting

Oxford Instruments new X-MET5100 takes the analytical performance of
hand-held XRF to a completely new level. X-MET5100 combines Oxford
Instruments ground-breaking Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) with a
powerful 45kV X-ray tube.
This cutting edge technology delivers fast, highly accurate
measurement and the lowest limits of detection, enabling the analysis
of Light Elements such as Mg, Al and Si without the need for complex
vacuum or helium attachments. A truly huge step forward for hand-held
X-ray fluorescence analysis.
Key Features:
Revolutionary Light Element analysis, no awkward vacuum
pumps or helium bottles
Substantially faster analysis and throughput
Low detection limits: ppm level analysis in 10 seconds
Totally non-destructive testing
Traceable Empirical Calibration to certified reference materials
Fast and reliable identification of wide range of grades
Withstand temperatures up to 400?C / 750?F
Analyze weld beams down to 2 mm with optional weld beam collimator


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