Oxford X-Strata 960


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The X-Strata 960 builds upon the solid foundations established by the
CMI900 series The new design includes:

New 100 watt X-ray tube is the most powerful tube available ? 30%
increase in precision at the same measurement/50% decrease in
measurement time at the same precision.
?Smaller X-ray spot size ? Measure even smaller features in electronic
components with the new 15?m collimator. Offers improved CCD camera
and zoom stage and high precision Y Stage.
?Distance Independent Measuring (DIM) ? More flexibility to measure
oddly shaped samples ? sample surface can be measured anywhere within
the DIM range 12.5-90mm (0.5?-3.5?) with a total Z travel of 230mm
(9″). Offers quick, precise sample alignment by manually adjusting the
DIM knob or by using the Auto Laser Focus.
?Auto Laser Focus ? automatically finds the correct focal distance to
improve the focusing process for DIM and improve system
reproducability. The standard laser focus is still available.
?New Giant Sample Chamber ? Large open chamber
(580x510x230mm:23x20x9?) is slotted for oversize samples and is easy
to load and view from any direction
?3 Table Options ? XY programmable (200x200mm or 12×8? travel)/XY
manual (250x250mm or 10×10?)/Fixed position ? plus, motorized Z axis
as standard with 230mm (9?) travel
?Integrated PC and user interface.


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