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Combining a high power X-ray tube and high resolution detector, the
X-Strata980 X-ray Fluorescence analyser delivers limits of detection
in single digit ppms!

Measure the thickness and/or composition of plating, coatings, and
films, containing elements from S through U
5 layers / 15 elements / Common elements correction
Composition analysis of up to 25 elements simultaneously

100W X-ray tube and 25mm2 Peltier cooled PIN detector
Multiple collimators
Simultaneous analysis of thickness and composition
Mapping software
Combined calibration? method
Color-coded pass/fail results
Giant chamber

X-ray excitation
100W (50kV and 2mA) micro-focus tungsten anode tube
25mm2 PIN detector with Peltier cooling
Up to 4 primary filters
Up to 4 collimators (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 1.27mm ?)
Digital Pulse Processing
4096 CH digital multi-channel analyzer
Automatic signal processing including dead time correction and pulse
pile up rejection
Celeron, 1.86 GHz,? 40 GbHD, 512Mb RAM, equivalent or better
15?LCD, 1024 x 768
MicrosoftTM XP SP2
Power Supply
85~130 or 215~265 volts, with frequency range of 47Hz to 63Hz
Working Environment
50?F (10?C) to 104?F (40?C) and up to 98% RH, non-condensing
XYZ Travel
203 x 152 x 216 mm (8 x 6 x 8.5?) fully programmable

Trace analysis of hazardous substances (RoHS/ELV/WEEE)
Multi-layer coating thickness and/or composition analysis
Alloy identification and chemistry analysis
Plating solution analysis
Gold karat assay
Oxford Instruments offers a full range of instruments dedicated to the
electronics manufacturing industry. Our XRF instruments are available
in different configurations for RoHS compliance screening and testing.
When testing for the presence of lead, as with high-reliablity
electronics, the X-Strata980 can assure quality


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