Proceq Equotip 3 Metal Hardness Tester





The Equotip 3 is a versatile portable metal hardness tester offering extended capabilities and unmatched ease of operation.

This metal hardness tester has a large and clear display which is integrated in the robust ABS plastic housing together with the sealed membrane keypad. With variable background lighting, the LCD display of the metal hardness tester offers a clear overview of the recorded metal hardness values even in dimly lit work areas.

In particularly harsh working environments or for more comfortable handling of the metal hardness tester, the Equotip 3 can be stored in a protective bag.

To date, the Equotip 3 is unmatched in its implementation of the portable metal hardness tester concept and has therefore become established as a globally recognized measuring technique. The Equotip 3 meets the customers needs for a non destructive metal hardness tester.

Equotip uses a proven, dynamic testing principle. An impact body with a hard metal test tip is propelled by spring force against the surface of the test piece. Surface deformation takes place when the impact body hits the test surface, which will result in loss of kinetic energy. This energy loss is detected by a comparison of velocities vi and vr when the impact body is at a precise distance from the surface for both the impact and rebound phase of the test, respectively.

Velocity measurements are achieved through a permanent magnet in the impact body that generates an induction voltage in the coil of the impact device. The signal voltage is proportional to the velocity of the impact body. Signal processing provides the hardness reading for display and storage.

The following standards are applied to this product: ASTM A956 (2006), ASME CRTD-91 (2009), DIN 50156 (2007), DGZfP Guideline MC 1 (2008), GB/T 17394 (1998).


Large easy to read display with backlight

Automatic correction for impact direction

Converts to all common hardness scales (HV HB HRC HRB HS Rm)

Fast testing for a wide range of applications

Large memory with on-screen review of data

Download to PC or print directly via USB Ethernet or RS-232

User profiles for fast change of all settings

Rugged sealed membrane keypad

Technical Specifications
Testing method Leeb rebound
Available probes C D DC DL E G S (select state which you require on enquiry)
Spherical test tip Tungsten carbide 3 mm diameter (for C D DC DL probes) 5 mm diameter (for G probe.) Polycrystalline diamond, ceramics 3 mm diameter
Min. radius of surface curvature 10 mm
Resolution 1 HL; 1 HV; 1 HB; 0.1 HRC; 0.1 HRB; 0.1 HRA; 0.1 HS; 1 MPa (1 N/mm²)
Accuracy ± 4 HL (0.5% at 800 HL)
Material Shock resistant ABS plastic
Display Large QVGA LCD with adjustable contrast and backlight
Internal data storage ~ 100’000 values
Communication Ethernet USB & RS 232
PC application Equolink 3 software included
Battery type Rechargeable Li ion or 3 standard size cells
Operating temperature 0 to + 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Storage temperature -10 to + 60 °C (14 to 140 °F)
Humidity 90 % max
Dimensions US: 6.7 x 7.9 x 1.8 in. Metric: 170 x 200 x 45 mm
Weight US: 1.72 lb. Metric: 0.780 kg


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