Promax AE-266 Radio spectrum analyser




Promax AE-266 Radio spectrum analyser
The AE-266 is a portable spectrum analyser with specific applications to measure narrowband radio channels (12.5 kHz spacing) which are used by radio links of electric power companies to transmit its own network data (pricing, maintenance control…).
It also combines a stage for spectral measurement of signals used in PLC systems.
Main Features

Band: 50 – 1020 MHz (radio input)
Band: 2 – 50 MHz (PLC input)
Level: -100 dBm to 10 dBm
Resolution: 100 Hz
Measurement resolution filter: 6 kHz, 100 kHz and 230 kHz
Spans: min. 100 kHz, max. 100 MHz
Tuning by frequency or channel.
Level accuracy: ± 1 dB
Frequency accuracy: ± 5 kHz
50Ω N connectors
USB connector for data transfer to PC and firmware updates
4 h battery operation time


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