Promax HD RANGER 3 Analyzer




Promax HD RANGER 3 Analyzer
The adoption of H.265 HEVC DVB-T2 HD format for the new digital terrestrial TV offers the extra bandwidth and flexibility required to allocate new content with resolutions up to 1080p. HD RANGER 3 is the first TV Analyser of its kind to offer HEVC signal demodulation compatible with this new broadcast signals now on air. The hybrid operation allows the equipment to be fully operated using both the touch panel and the conventional keyboard.
HEVC Decoding.
T2-MI packet analysis. It can receive a T2-MI signal in the form of both ASI or IP formats, performing IP transport quality measurements, T2-MI packet analysis and PLP de-encapsulation.
dCSS LNBs. It stands for Digital Channel Stacking Switch LNB and they come to take multiuser single cable distribution systems one step further.
Extended IP functions.
Ethernet connectivity for remote control. Besides remote control the IP interface can be used to save or retrieve data from a PC, copy channel tables or installation information, dataloggers, copy transport stream files, screen shots, etc.
More internal memory. Up 7 GB for user data


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