Promax Prowatch Deide 3





PROMAX is presenting the new PROWATCH DEIDE3 equipment, based on technology developed on our R+D labs. PROWATCH DEIDE3 equipment, are detection, identification and continuous monitoring systems for radio and digital TV signals with remote control. * Detection of radio signals received in a specific location, in the radio as well as in the digital and analogue television bands. * Identification of each one of the signals received, obtaining the information provided by the radio broadcaster either in the signal itself or for visual and/or sound identification. * Permanent monitoring of a variable area of the radio spectrum, carrying out an analysis of the detected variations. * The equipment or measuring station can carry out the previous operations in local mode or through remote control by other analogue equipment. * It works with digital radio (DAB), terrestrial digital television (TDT) according to the DVB-T (COFDM modulation) standard, FM-RDS radio and analogue TV signals.
  • Obtain status information about the Measurement Unit.
  • System task scheduler, single or periodically measurements are programmed.
  • Datalogger in real-time and statistics of measuring processes. (Historical).
  • Real-time measurements.
  • Measuring process control (varying operation parameters).
  • Display data results (alarms, historical, system status…).
  • Remote and automatic updating manager: Downloading new versions for MU applications (Updates)
  • Video and audio data streaming for TV/radio tuned signals.
  • Alarm generator via email.
  • RCU and MU access control.
  • MU priority manager and users group generation.
  • Secure Module (Watchdog)


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