Quickshot XRF QSX-79T Gold Tester



Quickshot XRF QSX-79T Gold Tester
This compact x-ray fluorescence analyzer provides everything that a company testing for gold content needs.  It has been developed with easy to use software that provides a straight forward testing option for organizations buying scrap jewelery, gold refiners, etc.
It is the lowest cost XRF system available that offers a color camera system so that the user knows the exact location of a sample they are testing.  Additional benefits include a large sample chamber (great for gold bars or larger objects) and its ability to provide accurate bulk analysis for gold buyers
Long lasting oil/air cooled x-ray tube assembly
Proportional Counter Detector System
Liquid Nitrogen LN2 Free; no hassle or additional costs
Computer Options Available; utilizes Windows for record keeping and report generation
Chamber Dimensions (W x D x H)
Internal chamber area of 13.5″ x 13″ x 4″ (343 x 330 x 101 mm)
Outside instrument dimensions of 20″ x 17″ x 19″ (508 x 431 x 482 mm)
Bottom-Up measurement system
One (1) Manual Collimator included in the standard system
Color camera sample viewing system; provides easy sample alignment
Elemental Range of Potassium (K) to Uranium (U)
As a Gold Tester, the QSX-79T will provide repeatability with a standard deviation of 0.3% to 0.9%
performance can vary based on instrument set-up, elements tested for, quality of reference standards, etc
Email a Quickshot XRF Associate to learn about a new version for full precious metal analysis
New Software Included (at no charge); read about other updates to the system
All critical information on one screen; measurement time, gold percentage, spectrum, etc.
View Gold Buy Screen Shot Here
Developed to be straight forward; no hidden buttons or commands
only a basic knowledge of computers is required to get the information you need when buying gold
If needed, results can be stored directly on the desktop computer
unlike other low-cost gold analyzers; the Quickshot XRF system includes a computer
Reports are available in Word and Excel; give your customers a professional results page


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