Quickshot XRF QSX-82D




Quickshot XRF QSX-82D
While the Handheld XRF Analyzer (QSX-HH) remains popular for hazardous substance detection, Quickshot XRF realized a need for analysis of smaller electronic components for RoHS compliance.  To meet this interest the desktop QSX-82D was developed.  This efficiently designed system offers the hardware specifications required to meet the rigorous demands of RoHS (and related) regulations and includes a color camera system (with crosshairs) for accurate alignment and analysis of smaller electronic components.
This x-ray fluorescence unit offers a top price-to-performance ratio for RoHS compliance testing as it was developed for this one specific task and provides only the features and functions that end-users require (this related blog entry can offer a greater overview of that point).TOP BENEFITS:
Developed for analysis of smaller electronic components; streamlined functionality
Great report functions; includes organization details, spectrum, results and camera image
Consistent results with lower detection limits than other RoHS testing options
Silicon PIN-Diode (Si-PIN) Detection System
–  great resolution make it the optimum solution for RoHS
Eight (8) automatic collimators (from 8.0mm to 0.1mm)
–  provides versatility critical for smaller components, spot analysis
Five (5) automatic filters:
–  this increases sensitivity and offers lower detection limits
Large interior chamber with moveable sample stage
Color camera system including cross-hairs for spot analysis
–  beneficial in report generation and sample alignment
Signal to Noise Enhancer (SNE) increases measurement accuracy
Element Range of Potassium (K) through Uranium (U)
Multi-Variable non-linear regression procedures
Computer included; operates with Windows XP interface
Parts-per-Million (PPM) results quickly obtainable
Developed for hazardous substance detection when spot analysis is required, the QSX-82D will be most popular for organizations that want the extra layer of protection that in-house testing provides in RoHS compliance testing.  Simple to use, excellent report functions and accurate results make this Quickshot XRF analyzer a top solution for RoHS testing of smaller electronics components.  Additionally, the QSX-82D can perform solder analysis and aid in the determination of counterfeit components.


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