Resipod Geometric





The Proceq Resipod Geometric Accessory (4-Probe Wenner Array Attachment) is a four-probe Wenner array attachment with probe spacing variable from 40 to 70mm (1.57 to 2.76in) that connects to a Resipod Concrete Resistivity Meter.The adjustable probe spacing accommodates larger aggregate sizes and a wide range of concrete sample types. It also interacts directly with the Meter’s ResipodLink software to enter data.This unit comes with a variable spacing probe, a stand to hold the Concrete Meter, and cable connections.


  • Connects to Resipod Concrete Resistivity Meter
  • Variable probe spacing for larger aggregate sizes
  • Uses Wenner 4-Probe method

Included Items:

  • Proceq Resipod Geometric Accessory (4-Probe Wenner Array Attachment)
  • 4-Probe Wenner Array
  • Cables

Specimen Size 1.57 to 2.76in (40 to 70mm)


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