Rigaku Progeny




Rigaku Progeny
Progeny is the world’s first completely handheld Raman spectrometer designed to seamlessly integrate into any work environment for: Raw Material Identification
of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic ingredients Verification
of trial materials, chemicals, solvents and cell culture media Authentication
of finished products and anti-counterfeit prevention Progeny is a superior functioning portable Raman spectrometer, expertly designed for process including incoming material receiving, the warehouse, clean room, laboratory analysis and mobile lab for enhanced pharmaceutical quality assurance, pharmaceutical quality control, counterfeit pharmaceutical screening, and other applications.COMPLETE IDENTIFICATION Unlike other portable Raman spectrometers, Progeny successfully overcomes sample-induced fluorescence interference with the use of a unique 1064nm excitation laser for expanded positive material identification. Sample moisture content is not an issue either. Progeny handheld Raman spectrometer delivers the industry’s widest and most comprehensive range of raw material identification and finished pharmaceutical product authentication in a handheld, sealed platform.


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