Rigol MSO4024 200M,4GSa/s,4CH,MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope




Rigol MSO4024 200M,4GSa/s,4CH,MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

200MHz ,4GSa/s, 4CH Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, 4GS/s, 140Mpoint memory
200 MHz Bandwidth
4 channels + 16 for Logic Analyzer

200 MHz, 4 GSa/s, 140 Mpts, 4+16 Channel Mixed Signal OscilloscopeRigol MS4000 Series Mixed Signal and Digital OscilloscopesxUp to 4GSa/s Max Sample RateProvides fine resolution
and detail in high speed signals. Never miss a transition or glitch with up to 4 GSa/sec sampling. Sample Rate describes thefrequency at which the instrument samples the data.
Higher the sample rate provides better resolution and finer detail of thesignal being captured.140Mpts Standard Record LengthLong acquisitions at high sample rates help debug
elusive problems in complex digital streams. Record length describes the numberof points that can be captured and stored. Generally speaking larger record length provides for
longer captures.The time duration is directly related to the sample rate with higher sample rates consuming more memory resulting in shorter time capture.Up to 110,000 wfms/s
Waveform Capture rateMinimize scope ‘dead time’ between trigger events and increases observations of random and sporadic events. Waveform Capture Rate speaks to how many
triggered events can be captured and that data integrated into the displayed waveform per second. The Waveform Capture Rate times the width of the display in time equates to the
on-time of the instrument. The rest of the time is dead-time when the instrument could miss a signal or event.16 Digital Channels (MSO Models)Time correlated views between
analog and digital channel speeds debug of embedded designs.Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes(MSO’s) allow users to not only look at the analog behavior of up to 4 channels but also
trigger, capture, and analyze the behavior of up to 16 digital channels at the same time.Serial Triggering and Analysis OptionsSpeeds analysis and debug of your I2C, RS232 and
SPI designs.Serial Trigger allows the user to trigger the oscilloscope based on a specific pattern or word found in a serial data stream. Serial Decode al


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