Rigol RP6150A Probes/Leads/Cables





1.5GHz Passive Probe
Bandwidth: DC~1.5GHz
Damping factor: 10:1 (Fixed)
Input resistance: 500ΩO +-10Ω
Maximum Input: CAT I 7VAC

Rigol RP6150A Oscilloscope 1.5 GHz Passive Low Resistance Probe Accessory & Features RP6150 is provided with several accessories designed to make probing and measurement
simpler. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these accessories and their users. For digital oscilloscopes, the signal under test needs to be connected to the
measurement channel via various oscilloscope probes or 50 ohm cables.The Probing is very important to making quality measurements. If the probe performance is not adequate or if
you did not select the proper probe for your application, you will see distorted or misleading signals on your oscilloscope. There are two kinds of probes, one is passive probe,
another one is active probe. active probe requires power while passive probe does not. For general-purpose measurements(600 MHz), active probes are the way to go. They cost more
than passive probe and their input voltage is limited, but because of their significantly lower capacitive loading, they give you more accurate insight into fast signals.


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