Rigol RP7080 Active Differential Probe 800 MHz






Active, differential, 800 MHz probe for DS6000 or DS/MSO4000 Series Oscilloscopes
Bandwidth: DC~800MHz
Damping factor: 10:1

Rigol RP7080 Oscilloscope 800 MHz Active Differential Probe RP7000, with more than 1.5GHz bandwidth, is an active probe solution for high frequency application. It can be used to measure differential and single-ended signals with better common mode rejection. RP7000 uses plug-on socket probe head and supports 4 types of interchangeable probe heads to optimize the performance and usability. Besides, its replaceable probe tip prolongs the service life of the probe and the probe tip spacing can be precisely adjusted to fit different test point spacing. RP7000 is compatible with the auto-identification port of RIGOL DS6000/MSO4000/DS4000 series oscilloscope and can be recognized and configured automatically by this port. Its snap-in BNC connector enables easier connection with the oscilloscope. RP7000 provides various accessories and options and multiple replaceable components which make it applicable to be used in different tests and measurements. For digital oscilloscopes, the signal under test needs to be connected to the measurement channel via various oscilloscope probes or 50 ohm cables.The Probing is very important to making quality measurements. If the probe performance is not adequate or if you did not select the proper probe for your application, you will see distorted or misleading signals on your oscilloscope. There are two kinds of probes, one is passive probe, another one is active probe. active probe requires power while passive probe does not. For general-purpose measurements(600 MHz), active probes are the way to go. They cost more than passive probe and their input voltage is limited, but because of their significantly lower capacitive loading, they give you more accurate insight into fast signals.



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