Rigol RP7080S Active Single Ended Probe with a Bandwidth of 800MHz




Active single-ended, 800 MHz probe for DS6000, DS/MSO4000 and DS/MSO7000 Series Oscilloscopes
Single Ended – 800MHz Bandwidth
For DS6000 pr DS/MSO4000 Series Oscilloscopes

Rigol RP7080S 800MHz Active Probe Kit (single ended)BW: DC~800MHz, 30V Peak, CAT I. Rigol scope compatibility: Only DS4000 and DS6000 series.RP7080S is a single-ended active
probe solution for high frequency application.RP7000S uses plug-in probe head to optimize the performance and usability. Besides, its replaceable probe tip prolongs the service
life of the probe and the spacing between probe tip and ground collar can be precisely adjusted to fit different test point spacing.RP7000S is compatible with the auto-
identification port of RIGOL DS6000/DS4000 series oscilloscope and can be recognized and configured automatically by this port.Its snap-in BNC connector enables easier
connection with the oscilloscope. RP7000S provides various accessories and options and multiple replaceable components which make it applicable to be used in different tests and


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