Rigol RSA5065-TG Real Time Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator





6.5GHs Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer with TG

Includes 100 kHz to 6.5 GHz tracking generator
9 kHz to 6.5 GHz frequency range
Ultra-Real Technology

Rigol RSA5065-TG Real Time Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking GeneratorRigol RSA5000 Real Time Spectrum Analyzerx9 kHz to 6.5 GHz frequency range Real time spectrum analyzer Up to
40 MHz real-time analysis bandwidth 10.1 capacitive multi-touch screen Ultra-Real technology Includes 100 kHz to 6.5 GHz tracking generatorThe Rigol RSA5000 real time spectrum
analyzer offers uncompromised performance and capability, all at a fraction of the price of similar instruments. Available in two bandwidths, and with an optional tracking
generator, Rigol makes an RSA5000 suited for your specific application.The RSA5000 features outstanding swept spectrum performance and up to 40MHz real-time bandwidth with
category leading 7.45s POI. This makes it a great choice for users in spectrum monitoring, transmitter testing, RF component characterization, as well as EMI applications. In
addition, users integrating hopping/channel shifting technologies in crowded ISM bands, integrating PLL technology in their designs, trying to identify sources of interference,
or trying to characterize rapidly pulsing applications will all benefit from the seamless capture capabilities of the real-time spectrum analysis capability and the 7.45s 100%
POI.Outstanding Performance in Traditional Swept Spectrum Analysis 1ms Full Span sweep Expanded Vertical Range to +30dBm Reduced Phase Noise to -108dBc/Hz 1 Hz RBWReduced Noise
Floor (DANL) to -165dBm Up to 40MHz Real-Time Bandwidth >146,000 FFT/sec Delivers down to a 7.45s 100% Probability of Intercept 7 Display Modes (Normal, Density, Spectogram,
Power V Time, Density & Spectogram, PVT & Spectrum, PVT & Spectrogram Frequency Mask TriggerFlexible User Interface allows customer to interact with the unit as they chose 10.1
Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Display with Gesture Support Linux OS with a Quad Core Processor Mouse/Keyboard


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