Skyray Instrument EDX-2800




Skyray Instrument EDX-2800
Versatile in Function:
The unit is an all-in-one x-ray instrument; providing hazardous substance detection (lower than required ppm levels), elemental and bulk analysis, coating thickness measurements, gold purity analysis, alloy verification and more.
Repeatable Results:
The newest technologies insure repeatability of results over extended measurements
Measurement Chamber:
The large chamber (24″ x 15″ x 3″) fits parts with ease and has multiple features to insure accurate sample placement.SPECIFICATIONS:
Silicon PIN-Diode (Si-PIN) detection system
Resolution of approximately 160ev
No liquid nitrogen (LN2) required; save expense and hassle
Eight (8) automatic collimators
Collimator range of 8.0 mm down to 0.1 mm
Five (5) automatic filters: means increased sensitivity and lower detection limits
Large chamber (24″ x 15″ x 3″) fits parts with ease
Color camera system for viewing and precise measurement
Signal-to-Noise (SNE) provides powerful assurance for measurement accuracy
Element Range: Sulfur (S) to Uranium (U)
Computer included at no charge
Utilizes Windows XP for record keeping and report generation in Excel and WordAPPLICATIONS:
Most Popular Use:
Hazardous Substance Detection
The solution for compliance to various regulations including RoHS, CPSIA, etc
Regulations affect multiple industries (jewelry, toy, packaging, etc)
The EDX-2800 from Skyray XRF offers an economical, in-house, testing solution
Even if third party testing is being used; in-house screening offers back and protectionAlso Used for:
Jewelry Industry and Precious Metals Analysis
Quickly determine the percentage of gold and other precious metals in a sample
Coating Thickness Measurements


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