Skyray Instrument EDX-3600B


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Light Elements:?
Standard features include the vacuum chamber and variable high-voltage (5-50 kV); allowing for the greatest elemental range
Newest Detector Assembly:?
One of only two XRF analyzers to have the Ultra-High Resolution Detector (UHRD) for the best peak seperation and accuracy
Signal-to-Noise Enhancer:?
Eliminates background noise for simple results spectrum

Long lasting oil/air cooled, hi-energy x-ray tube assembly 50 to 1000ma
Vacuum Chamber for light elements and thin films
Elemental Range of Sodium (Na) to Uranium (U)
Ultra-High Resolution Detector Assembly (no LN2 required).
Providing the greatest peak seperation and, therefore, accuracy from any Skyray XRF Instrument
Read the XRF-Blog on the importance of Detection System quality: learn more here
Signal to Noise Enhancer (SNE) for micro detection
Includes eight (8) automatic, motorized collimators
Collimators range from 8mm to 0.1mm
Color camera sample viewing system for easy sample alignment
Unique light path enhancement system and double laser positioning system
Computer included at no charge
Utilizes Windows XP or Vista for record keeping and report generation in Excel and Word

APPLICATIONS: widest range of applications available
Coating Thickness Measurements; single and multi-layer
Thin Film Measurements
Hazardous Substance Detection
Precious Metal Analysis: competes with high-end analyzers using SDD but this provides UHRD
Construction Industry
Cement Analysis, Pig Iron Applications, Sintering Ore Testing
Mining Applications


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