Skyray Instrument Thick-800


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The Thick-800 is a non-destructive testing solution for organizations that need accurate quality control of printed circuit boards and electronics. ?Testing capabilities include multi-layer thickness measurements and RoHS testing of solder joint.
Glass Door / Chamber Window: allows for virtually any size of PCB to be tested and exact spot assurance is possible with the camera system
Moving Sample Stage: Simple button will quickly provide full three-dimensional movement of the sample stage (front-back, left-right, up-down)
Two Styles of Electro-Cooled Detection Systems Offered (see options)
No liquid nitrogen (LN2) required; save expense and hassle
Top-Down Measurement System
Moveable Sample Stage; three-dimensional movement
1.18 inches (30mm) front to back or left to right
5.5 inches (140mm) up and down
Collimator Strip of 0.1mm x 1mm (additional sizes of 0.1mm x 0.5mm and 0.1mm x 3mm available)
Large chamber of 20″ x 14″ x 5″ (517mm x 352mm x 150mm) fits parts with ease
Color camera system for viewing and precise measurement
Double Laser Position System; provides powerful assurance for measurement accuracy
Element Range: Potassium (K) to Uranium (U)
Computer included at no charge; utilizes Windows XP for record keeping and report generation

Thick-800C: includes a proprtional counter detection system (standard)
Thick-800D: includes a silicon pin-diode (Si-PIN) detection system
Offers resolution of 149eV to 160eV


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