Sokkia CX-102 2″ Total Station




Sokkia CX-102 2″ Total Station
Total Station’s innovative technology provides unparalleled performance, superior reliability, and outstanding measuring accuracy. It is great to check the shape and

slope of an area, check land boundaries, mark points for a foundation and other similar jobs. Also, it has a 10,000-point internal memory. Plus this total station has

a reflectorless range of up to 1,640 feet and takes measurements up to 16,400 feet using a single prism.
The Sokkia CX Series allows taking measurements without placing a prism at the end point. Also, it features a coaxial laser pointer and laser plummet features five

levels of brightness. Plus, it has a dual graphic LCD display. This dust proof and the water resistant total station has advanced security and maintenance with TS

shield. On top of this, it has a battery life of up to 36 hours.
This Sokkia Total Station includes a trigger key for taking measurements quickly. Saving and transferring data is easier with its USB and RS232 serial port. In

addition, the Sokkia CX’s powerful onboard computer helps you improve productivity on the job by easily determining time-consuming calculations with the touch of a few

Choice of 5 accuracies
10,000-point internal memory
1,640 foot range
Long-range Bluetooth
Laser plummet features five levels of brightness
Coaxial laser pointer
USB and RS232 serial port
Advanced security and maintenance with TSshield
Trigger key for taking measurements quickly
36-hour battery life
Water resistant and dustproof to IP-66
Dual graphic LCD display
2-year warranty


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