Sokkia DX 205AC 5″ Fully Robotic Total Station


Sokkia DX 205AC 5″ Fully Robotic Total Station

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The DX also includes a special angle measurement system (IACS), which guarantees reliable angle measurements every time. Its onboard Magnet Field surveying software?
simplifies the process of calculating surveying or engineering measurements. Surveyors can also secure all their data with the built-in, cloud-based TSshield security?
system. The TSshield security system is an online portal that shows the location of the DX total station and allows you to unlock or lock its functions from a?
distance. This is especially useful if the device is ever lost or stolen.Auto-Pointing Technology allows the DX to automatically aim in the direction of the prism. The Sokkia DX can also be upgraded via firmware to track a moving prism.?
This function eliminates the need for an operator to stand at the instrument, turn, and sight the prism. The DX can easily be upgraded to fully-robotic by purchasing?
the Robotic Upgrade Kit (Included) and communicating with a Remote Control (Included) to find the prisms location, lock onto it, and begin tracking as you move in the?
Sokkia 205DXAC 5″ Robotic Reflectorless Total Station?USB memory keyLens capLens hoodLens brushHard carrying caseCarrying strap for carrying caseScrewdriverTool pouchLaser caution sign boardAdjusting pin (2)Cleaning clothRechargeable Li-Ion batteries (2)?Battery chargerPower cableUser’s manual2-year manufacturer’s warrantyRC-Handle


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