Sokkia FX-101 1″Reflectorless Total Station




Sokkia FX-101 1″Reflectorless Total Station
The Sokkia FX 101 1 Second Reflectorless Total Station is an accurate measuring device, with a 1-second accuracy. It can take readings up to 16,400′ in under a second.

It uses both a red or a green light to aim with when taking measurements. The EDM trigger makes it simple to to take the measurements. Independent Angle Calibration

System (IACS) technologymakes it possible for the unit to adjust on its own when taking angle measurements.
The MAGNET Field software comes installed on the Sokkia FX 101 1 Second Reflectorless Total Station. It is a cloud-based data software, so you can coordinate all the

information between both the field and the office. You won’t have to need to transfer data to a data collector or computer. In addition, it also has Bluetooth

technology so the unit can transfer information to a handheld computer up to 1000′. It can work with different data collectors, including SHC25, SHC236, SHC250,

SHC2500, and Juniper Mesa.
With a dual-axis compensation, the Sokkia FX 101 1 Second Reflectorless Total Station can be leveled anywhere. The laser plummet is adjustable to be used in different

lighting conditions by using one of the 5 brightness levels. It also has the TSshield, which protects the unit and its data if stolen, by being able to lock the unit.

Range of up to 1,640′
Use 8GB flash drive
Rating of IP-65 against water and dust
MAGNET Field software
Batteries last up to 20 hours
Accuracy of up to 1-second
USB and serial port
Touchscreen LCD color display
TSshield system

in the Box:
(1) Sokkia FX 101 1 Second Reflectorless Total Station
(1) Lens cap
(1) Lens hood
(1) Lens Brush
(1) Tool Pouch
(1) Screwdriver
(2) Adjusting Pin
(1) USB memory stick
(1) Carrying case
(1) Carrying strap
(1) Cleaning cloth
(1) Power cable
(1) Rechargeable battery
(1) Battery charger
(1) Laser caution sign-board
(1) User Manual
(1) Quick Guide
(1) 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


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