Sokkia FX 105 5 Second Reflectorless Total Station




Sokkia FX 105 5 Second Reflectorless Total Station
Total Station Sokkia FX-105 Reflectorless
The Sokkia FX-105 Total Station with built-in MAGNET Field software delivers precise calculation of angle and distance measurements without the need for a data

collector. As part of the Sokkia FX series, this reflectorless total station with 5-second accuracy features high-end EDM, long-range Bluetooth and advanced security

and maintenance system, making it the ideal choice for remote and tough land surveying. It also has a USB and 9-pin serial port for easy file transfer, alphanumeric

keyboard and touchscreen display for convenient onscreen navigation.
In reflectorless mode, this survey total station measures up to 1,640 feet away and approximately 16,400 feet to a standard prism with an incredible 2mm+2ppm accuracy.

Sokkia’s exclusive RED-Tech EDM technology offers a tight beam signal and strong returns from the most difficult surfaces. This ultra-narrow EDM beam precisely

measures walls, corners and through fence openings and tree branches in only .9 seconds. It also incorporates green or red guide light that is coaxial, which enhances

accurate aiming up to 500 ft.
Featuring an EDM trigger key, this Sokkia total station lets you take a series of measurements without taking your eye off the telescope. Its dual-axis compensation

and built-in laser plummet also ensures accurate leveling even on rough terrain and allow for quick instrument setting in all lighting conditions.

Features Total Station Sokkia FX-105 Reflectorless
5-second accuracy
500 MB internal memory
Up to 8GB USB flash memory
Long-range Bluetooth technology
1,640 foot range
Built-in MAGNET Field software for COGO calculations and stakeout
Onboard Windows CE 6.0 operating system
Coaxial red laser pointer
Laser plummet
EDM trigger key for quick measurement
USB and RS-232C serial port
Up to 20-hour battery life
Water resistant and dustproof to IP-65
Large single color LCD display
Alphanumeric keyboard
TSshield advanced security and maintenance system


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