Sokkia FX Advanced Total Station


Sokkia FX Advanced Total Station

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Advanced features for maximum measurement versatility and unmatched product and data security.
The FX total station provides the advantage of on-board Windows? CE operating system and comes standard with MAGNET? Field, a cloud-based application software for unmatched measurement ease and data security.
It also features TSshield, an exclusive telematics-based communications module that provides remote security, tracking, and diagnostic support. Long-Range Bluetooth? technology allows data to be seamlessly transferred to a Bluetooth-equipped controller. Its compact size and long-lasting battery makes long work days easier to manage.

Key FX features include:
Windows CE operating system in compact, rugged body
MAGNET Field on-board application software
Advanced Angle Measurement System
RED-Tech advanced reflectorless measurement
Long-Range Bluetooth? wireless communication
TSshield security, tracking, and remote diagnostic support
Available in 1, 2, 3, and 5 second models

Sokkia FX 101 $5,496
Sokkia FX 102 $4,763
Sokkia FX 103 $4,430
Sokkia FX 105 $4,050


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