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Sonatest Sitescan Flaw Detectors have always meant highly reliable, technician focused flaw detection equipment and this model builds on that tradition.

The Sitescan D-50 offers the end user an entry level broadband flaw detector in the popular and portable casing of the established D-Series; with a full VGA display, a 50nS (Spike) 200V, a Pulser 0.5dB gain resolution and an optional rubber boot.

Typical applications are Weld Fabrication, Corrosion Detection, Forgings & Castings and general UT inspection.

Reliable, Rugged & Robust

An instrument’s ability to perform in harsh environments with proven reliability is an important aspect of flaw detector ownership and this is enhanced by the Sitescan D-50’s outstanding battery performance, which is up to 18 hours from full charge. The Sitescan D-50’s enclosure is constructed using automotive grade impact resistant materials and offers excellent water resistance. Explosive Testing MIL810-G standards have been passed, together with environmental testing which has confirmed the instrument fully functioning at temperatures above 55°C. The Sitescan D-50 has a colour transflective VGA display, providing high visibility in any lighting conditions. Maxi,u, readability is achieved through adjustable brightness and the choice of 9 colour palettes, including a black-on-white LCD emulation mode.

Advanced Defect Sizing Tools as Standard

Weld an pipe inspection are major applications for the Sitescan D-50 which is equipped with the latest software tools for defect sizing. The use of integrated sizing software reduces analysis time and speeds inspection. Multiple standard sizing techniques are essential for service companies working to different customer standards, especially as service work becomes more international and operators are required to work to different codes.


UT-Lity Lite Data Management Software

Ut-Lity Lite software provides everything you need to manage your inspection data. The Standard (Lite) version is FREE with every instrument and give you the ability to view, move and manage Calibrations, A-Scans, B-Scans and Thickness Logs both on the instrument and on your PC. With UT-Lity Lite you can also create customised inspection report templates, cut-n-paste information to other applications and create printable pdf documents.

  • Load, store, manage files both on the PC and on a connected flaw detector
  • Save, analyse, colour code and export thickness logging data to spreadsheets/asset management software
  • Update the Flaw Detector and Firmware as and when updates become available on our website
Sizing Techniques and Software Options include:
  • DAC (Standard)
  • Split DAC & DGS/AVG (Option)
  • TCG (Option)
  • Backwall Echo Attenuation (BEA) Option (requires TCG)
  • AWS (Option)
  • AVG/DGS (Option)
  • API (Option)
  • Interface Trigger (Option)
  • Corrosion Software (Option)

Sizing Technique Description Standard or Optional
DAC Defined by up to 20 reference points or converted from TCG curve and digitally
drawn on the screen. DAC curves meet the requirements of EN, ASME, JIS and many
other standards. Custom DAC curves can be selected. DAC dynamic range can be
extended by automatically adjusting the reference curve to match the reference
gain. Scanning Gain and T-Loss available as separate controls. Amplitude readout is
selectable between %FSH, % DAC or relative dB.
TCG Time corrected or “Swept” gain, defined by up to 10 reference points or converted
from a DAC curve. All points converted to 80% screen height.
Backwall Echo (BEA)
0-40dB attenuation applied to the latter part of the time base, to improve the detectability of defects near the back wall and the loss of BWE due to porosity.
Option (requires TCG)
AWS Built-in calculation and display of factors and parameters required by AWS D1.1 Option
AVG/DGS Enables the calculation of pseudo “DAC” curve and equivalent reflector size of UT
indications, based on user input of transducer parameters.
API On-board flaw sizing method in accordance with API 5UE. Option
Interface Trigger Unlocks the interface trigger gate controls, which hold off the A-Scan acquisition and
display until an interface echo is detected within a specific range and amplitude.
Used for the elimination of water-path.
Enables complex inspection plans to be uploaded from a PC using the on board Utility software. Features include 2 dimensional thickness logging, storing A-Logs and
B-Logs with thickness values, taking multiple readings per location and note creation
for each grid location. B-Scan option available to display bar-graph views of thickness readings taken by Gate 1 against distance or time.
(includes B-Scan)
Split DAC & DGS/AVG Adds up to 3 zones of added gain (+12db, +24dB) to the DAC or DGS/AVG curve to
enable single-pass scanning of large sections and attenuative materials. Conforms
to EN583-2:2001.


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