Spectra Precision Focus 35 5″ Robotic Total Station




Spectra Precision Focus 35 5″ Robotic Total Station
Spectra Precision Focus 35 Robotic Total Station
Choice of accuracy
Reflectorless range up to 2,625 feet
Internal memory of 128 MB
Optical plummet
Magnification 31x
Dual-axis compensator
LockNGo technology
GeoLock GPS-assist
The Spectra Focus 35 Robotic Total Station with Universal Charger with Universal Charger is a new range of motorized total stations giving high speed, accuracy, and precision in measurement. It has a reflectorless range up to 2,625 feet and measures up to 13,123 with a single prism. It includes a built-in memory of 128 MB and features an optical plummet. This survey tool can take precise measurements up to one or five seconds which is ideal when doing surveying and construction, geomarking, reconstruction and other similar jobs.
With a 31x magnification, it provides more accurate results. This construction instrument features a dual-axis compensator with an accuracy of 0.5 seconds. It features a LockNGo technology that enables the instrument to constantly lock onto the prism. An additional software that helps in the survey process is the GeoLock GPS-assist. With its two Li-Ion batteries, it can power up to 12 hours.
Having an IP55 environmental rating, the Focus 35 is dustproof and water resistant. Navigation is easy with its alphanumeric keypad and colored backlit touchscreen. As an extra feature, it highlights an optional Bluetooth wireless communication for a smooth data transfer.


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