Spectra Precision SP90m GNSS Receiver




Spectra Precision SP90m GNSS Receiver
Spectra Precision SP90m GNSS Receiver
The Spectra Precision SP90m is a powerful, highly versatile, ultra-rugged, and reliable GNSS positioning solution for a wide variety of applications in real-time and post-processing. It also comes with a variety of integrated communications options, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, UHF radio, cellular modem, and two MSS L-band channels to receive Trimble RTX correction services.
The modular form factor of the SP90m allows for a maximum in flexibility on how the receiver can be used, such as base station, continuously operating reference station (CORS), RTK or Trimble RTX rover, on-board machine integration, vessels, etc. The ultra-rugged design of the aluminum receiver housing protects the investment, especially in tough field environments.
The state-of-the-art and patented Z-Blade GNSS-centric technology uses all available GNSS signals to deliver fast and reliable positions in real-time. Besides supporting all currently available and future planned GNSS satellite signals, the SP90m GNSS receiver allows the connection of two GNSS antennas for precise heading determination without the need for a secondary GNSS receiver.

Features & Benefits
Most versatile, modular receiver design
Ultra-rugged design
Patented Z-Blade technology
480-channel ASIC
Dual GNSS antenna inputs
Event marker input
PPS output
OLED display, keyboard, and Web UI
Internal TRx UHF radio
3.5G cellular modem
Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi communication
SMS and e-mail alerts
Anti-theft technology
Backup RTK
RTK bridge
2 MSS L-band channels
Trimble RTX correction services


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