In industrial process control applications, analytical instruments have to be highly sensitive, fast and accurate. The SPECTRO iQ has been specifically designed to meet these criteria. The new SPECTRO iQ II now features more enhanced technologies and enables simple and reliable operation.

In most applications, the measurement accuracy of important components and the sensitivity for important trace elements place the spectrometer in the same performance class as the more costly wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. The distinct energy-dispersive technology from SPECTRO can now be used for applications that were previously performed only through sophisticated instruments.

Simplicity, clarity and focus characterize the SPECTRO iQ II software. The advanced graphical user interface instantly shows all essential functions for standard operation. Additionally, a touch screen makes the operation more intuitive and less complicated.

Key Features
The product features of the Spectro IQ II X-ray fluorescence analyzer are:
Simple and reliable operation
Fast, precise and highly sensitive
Energy-dispersive technology
SPECTRO iQ II software
Intuitive touch screen


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