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The SPECTRO XEPOS is a versatile XRF spectrometer for demanding applications.Optimum excitation using polarization and secondary targets, an autosampler for up to 12 items and intelligent software modules, deliver higher sensitivity and accuracy for the entire element range from Na-U and make the SPECTRO XEPOS one of the most versatile element analyzer available.The SPECTRO XEPOS can be delivered with pre-installed application packages. These are a combination of hardware and analytical methods.The range of applications includes, among others: The analysis of waste, soils, sewage sludge, additives in oil, cement, slag, refractories and electronic components and parts in compliance with RoHS; making the SPECTRO XEPOS a true multi-talent.
Determination of Na-U in completely unknown samples in all matrixes?Unique polarization optics deliver WD-XRF performance at an ED-XRF price?Plug and play application packages for analysis of slurries, solids, powders or objects.?Large area, high resolution, Silicon Drift Detector for unrivalled sensitivity?Easy operation and a 12-position sample changer


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