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The new SPECTRO xSORT is designed for high-throughput elemental testing and spectrochemical analysis of a wide range of metals and other materials in the field. Its speed, accuracy and ease of use set new benchmarks for handheld spectrometric performance. SPECTRO xSORT is ideal for applications, including positive material identification (PMI) and environmental screening, recycling of alloys, precious metals, and aluminum, plus mining and compliance screening.For many jobs, such as material verification, SPECTRO xSORT delivers highly reliable analyses in two seconds. And, for more complex matrices such as in environmental screening, SPECTRO xSORT achieves very low detection limits without the need for complex sample preparation.The new SPECTRO xSORT also is available with time and cost-saving features, such as an integrated video camera for precise spot testing and visual memory storage. Also available is an integrated global positioning system (GPS) that allows users to quickly return to previously checked locations without time-wasting resurveys.
Handheld XRF Product: SPECTRO xSORTHandheld XRF Analyzers from SPECTRO-a world leader in elemental analysis technologies-are robust, accurate tools for elemental analysis of virtually any material. Widely used in industry and research alike, SPECTRO handheld XRF Analyzers provide quantitative elemental analysis of approximately 80 elements, ranging from Mg (magnesium) to U (uranium). With accuracy previously unseen in a handheld XRF instrument, the SPECTRO xSORT is the right tool for a number of analysis needs including:
Lead Testing (Pb Testing)Elemental Analysis, XRF TestingAlloy Analysis, Metal Sorting, Scrap SortingSoil AnalysisMining Exploration & Grade ControlPMI (Positive Material Identification)Precious Metals Analysis / Precious Metals AssayRoHS Compliance TestingArchaeometry
SPECTRO xSORT Handheld XRF Analyzer BenefitsThe SPECTRO xSORT is a compact handheld XRF analyzer (ED-XRF spectrometer) that covers a broad range of materials in widely varying locations, environments, and conditions. Giving you fast elemental analysis results is what the xSORT is all about. Distinct benefits of SPECTRO xSORT handheld XRF analyzers include:
Real-time elemental analysis results on the job, no matter where the job takes placeUnparalleled speed and accuracyCompletely non-destructive analysisExcellent software for data reporting and evaluationLight element analysis (Mg, Al, Si, P, S) without helium of vacuum purge for ultimate portability
Large surface area SDDs (silicon drift detectors) come standard in all xSORT handheld instruments, assuring that you get the best value available in handheld XRF instrumentation.


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