STONEX positioning R15 Total Station


STONEX positioning R15 Total Station

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STONEX positioning R15 Total StationStonex R15 Total Station, precise distance and angles measurements, concentrated in 5 Kg of pure technology.The perfect tool whenever the topographic works requires a light and fast machine, all day working thanks to 24 hours of continuous operating time.The onboard field programs, included as standard, make R15 suitable for any construction site, cadastral, mapping and staking out, works.No limitation for distance measurements, up to 5000 m with a single prism 600 m reflectorless and 2? as angular accuracy, always guarantee a reliable points calculation.R15 has been designed to hold out against rain and dust: the IP55 certification allows to go ahead with the survey even during hard rain. The body design is distinguished by its robust mechanical structure, and the high performance telescope, featuring 30X magnification and illuminated reticle, provide the best sighting quality in any lighting condition.
LONG DISTANCE MEASUREMENTSThanks to the high efficiency EDM, R15 guarantees long distance measurements: 600m in reflectorless mode and up to 5000m using a single prism, with millimeter accuracy.nullFAST, ACCURATE, RELIABLEMeasuring distances in one second, with 2mm accuracy, makes any job extremely cost effective and reliable. The wide range of application software allows to complete the Surveyor?s tasks directly in the field.null3 DAYS OF FIELD WORKThe low power consumption circuit design and to the two high capacity batteries allow to continuously work for 24 hours and to measure over than 1000 distances. The SD card up to 16 Gb can store an huge amount of data.nullHIGH PROTECTION GRADEIP55 dustproof/waterproof rating ensures R15?s high reliability in all weather conditions and allows to continue working even under very humid conditions and where sand and dust are present.


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