Topcon BR-1 Hand-held Devices




Topcon BR-1 Hand-held Devices

Topcons GMS-2 features standard WAAS or EGNOS positional correction augmentation. These satellite based signals provide extensive coverage throughout the US and Europe and provide the GMS-2 with off-the-shelf real-time sub-meter accuracies. However WAAS and EGNOS satellite signals can susceptible to sporadic or blocked signal reception in shrouded areas such as tree canopies, around tall buildings, or near other large obstructions. There is another option for real-time correction  – Topcon’s wireless BR-1. The BR-1 provides access to free radio-based, real-time Coast Guard Beacon correction signals. For over 10 years Coast Guard Beacon signals have been providing reliable, real-time data to improve positional accuracies for coastal and inland waterway navigation across the US and Canada. Widely accessible throughout North America, these signals can be used as a viable alternative to WAAS correction signals for data collection, navigation, and other field applications. The advantage? Coast Guard Beacon signals are land-based terrestrial radio signals, much less susceptible to interference and blockage, making them the perfect correction signal alternative for your GMS-2. The BR-1 has four tracking channels allowing it to monitor simultaneous beacon signals and automatically utilize the best correction available.

BR-1 features:
Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use
4 tracking channels
Hot swappable battery with GMS-2
Bluetooth Wireless Communication
1 meter drop warranty
IP66 Rugged for rough field use

Adding a BR-1 to your GMS-2 or GMS-2 Pro receiver couldn’t be easier. Integrated Bluetooth® wireless communication means no cables or connectors! The wireless BR-1 integrates an internal li-ion battery that provides 15 hours of continuous field use, and is user replaceable and rechargeable. The included protective soft case lets you carry the BR-1 on your belt or backpack strap, and features a clear acrylic window allowing for at-a-glance signal reception/GMS-2 communication verification. Color LED’s indicate Bluetooth wireless connection status, battery status, and beacon signal reception. There’s even a serial port for flexibility to connect to other GPS receivers or to a PC for firmware updates.
Whether you find yourself out of range of WAAS or EGNOS signals on a regular basis, experience weak or intermittent correction signals, or you’re just looking for an alternative to help streamline work flow and eliminate post-processing back in the office, Topcon’s new BR-1 Beacon receiver is your answer.

Signal     Coast Guard Beacon
Channel     4
Dimensions     W112xD101xH122 mm
Weight     .79 kg
Color     Topcon Yellow/Grey
Operating Temperature     -20° to +50° degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature     -30° to +60° degrees Celsius
Waterproof     IP66
Drop     1 m
Internal Battery     Lithium-ion 7.4V 2200mAh; repeatable
Operating Time     No less than 15 fully charged Hours
Input Voltage     8 to 15 V DC, 12 to 15 minimum charge
Battery Charger     yes
Charging Time     ~3 Hours
Bluetooth     standard 1.2; Class 2; Profi le: SPP
Serial Port     RS232 port, 300-115200 Baudrate, RTC/CTS Flow Control, N/A, N/A, N/A
Key and LED
Key     Power On/Off
LED     3: Bluetooth wireless connection status,charge level, receiving status


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