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Don’t give up the luxury of a small compact receiver with instantaneous positioning in order to increase your accuracy and functionality in the field. With an integrated cellular modem and Wireless LAN, Topcon’s GRS-1 is the perfect solution for GIS users with high accuracy requirements who need real-time detail in the field but not a lot of headaches.

GRS-1 Features:
Submeter, Subfoot or ?GIS-RTK? <5cm Accuracy
Internal GSM or CDMA Modem
Windows Mobile 6.1 Operating System
Integrated 2.0 Megapixel Camera
256MB SDRAM, 1GB Flash Memory
Built-in Bluetooth and Wireless LAN Technology
GNSS (GPS + Glonass) Satellite Receiver

A 72 channel dual frequency L1/L2 GPS receiver with an integrated cellular modem, the GRS-1 is an all-encompassing solution that grows and adapts with your project requirements. It can be used to dial up to a local reference station network for real-time corrections. No extra cell phone hardware is required. Use an external L1 antenna for real-time subfoot work. An external L1/L2 antenna is available for ?GIS-RTK? (<5cm) work. Having a variety of accuracy capabilities available depending on the configuration of the unit makes the GRS-1 perfect for any GIS application including high accuracy projects such as utility infrastructure, underground electric and gas, water/wastewater, asset management, and land records management. There is no need to buy multiple products for multiple accuracies. The ability to dial up to a server while in the field allows users to upload and download GIS data directly to and from the database saving time and allowing for more immediate, detailed information.
The GRS-1 integrates an internal 2 megapixel autofocus digital camera to snap descriptive digital photographs. These photographs are automatically linked to GIS features so that no photo file manipulation is needed after the field work is complete. With 256MB of SDRAM and an 806MHz processor, the GRS-1 provides the fastest handheld performance on the market. It is loaded with memory (1GB Flash), but if needed, users can easily increase the memory for photo storage, maps or field data files by sliding an SD Memory card into the slot on the bottom of the GRS-1. With the GRS-1 the amount of detailed, accurate information that can be collected and stored is incredible. When combined with the lightweight small size of the system, the result is unprecedented.


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