Topcon GT 1000 Series Robotic Total Station


Topcon GT 1000 Series Robotic Total Station

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Topcon’s GT-1000 Series robotic total station is the smallest, lightest, and fastest robotic total station ever.?The source of its speed advancement is the Topcon patented advanced ultrasonic motors. These compact and efficient motors transform sound into energy for smooth and fast rotation.?With its advanced gearless design, the is motor has a turning speed of 180 degrees per second making job completion faster than ever!?The body of the GT is 30% smaller than previous robotic instruments resulting in the weight being reduced to under 10.5 lbs. In addition, the new ultrasonic motors are free of traditional gears and wearing parts, therefore, last four times longer.?The GT-1000 robotic total station is a trimmed down, high-performance solution. You get the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system, the power of long-range reflectorless measurements, the ability to perform as a hybrid positioning solution, and TSshield theft deterrent is also standard. Plus, the GT offers an industry leading 3-year instrument, and 5-year motor warranty.
SPECIFICATIONSTelescopeResolving power: 2.5″Magnification: 30xAngle MeasurementGT-1001: 1″GT-1002: 2″GT-1003: 3″Tilt Angle CompensationCompensation: Liquid 2-axis sensorRange: ?6’Distance MeasurementPrism EDM Range: 5000 mPrism EDM Accuracy: 1 mm + 1 ppmNon-Prism Range: 800 mNon-Prism Accuracy: 1 mm + 2 ppmMeasuring TimeFine: 0.9 secRapid: 0.6 secTracking: 0.4 secCommunicationsLongLink interference-free communicationUSB 2.0 Slot (Host + Slave)RS-232C SerialGeneralDisplay: Color Touch TFT (800 x 480) DisplayKeyboard: 24 Keys with illuminatorBattery Operation: Up to 4 hoursDust / Water Rating: IP65Wireless Connection: Bluetooth Class 1Integrated cellular modemInstrument Weight10.47 lbs. with BatteryOperating Temperature-20?C to 50? C (-4? F to 122? F)Turning Speed180? per second
OTHER CONTENTAvailable in 1″, 2″ and 3″ angle accuracyUltrasonic Direct Drive motors that turn 180?/sec30% smaller and lighter?TSshield Theft deterrentMagnet Feild onboardImproved tracking technology5-year motor warranty3-year instrument warranty


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