Topcon GT FY2016 Series Robotic Total Station




Topcon GT FY2016 Series Robotic Total Station US$
The GT series provides incredible efficiency in surveying and stake out operation with 3D data at construction site.
One-person operation with auto-tracking function
Provides high-precision and stable measurement with auto-collimating function
Quick and smooth measurement with high speed turning
High portability with a light weight and small body
Additionally, GT series is the only total station in the market equipped with a SIM card slot that offers Internet connectivity (IoT) *1 *2.
The GT series is a forefront total station with precise and reliable Topcon technology.
World’s fastest turning speed*1*2
The system offers the world’s fastest turning speed of 180 degree-per second with UltraSonic direct drive motor, which also contributes to its ultra-slim body.
World’s smallest ultra-compact body*1
The newly designed parts contribute to the GT’s ultra-compact body. It was designed by re-examining the robotic total station structure, which produced a size nearly the same as a manual total station.
World’s lightest : 5.7 kg*1
GT is a third smaller than any previous Topcon robotic instrument and the same weight as a manual total station — making it easy to carry and set up at a project site.
World’s first Internet-connected(IoT) total station! *1 *2
The integrated SIM card slot (world’s first) and wireless LAN network devices enables operator to access “MAGNET™ Enterprise” — a Web application that allows direct cloud-based data managing and sharing from project site— from the GT pre-installed application “MAGNET™ Field.”
Highest quality and environmental durability
The tough-designed GT has passed impact, vibration, high-temperature and humidity testing that ensures consistent performance in any harsh environments. The IP65 rating confirms the highest environmental durability.
Compact and high precision EDM
The redesigned optical lens is smaller than ever before. The new light measurement system performs at a highly precise level “1mm+2ppm” *2
Available auto-collimating and auto-tracing model— with a possible optional upgrade from auto-collimating to tracking. *2
Auto-collimating and auto-tracking models are offered. Upgrading from auto-collimating to auto-tracking is possible.


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