Topcon OS Series total stations




Topcon OS Series total stations
Topcons new OS Series Total Stations – New Advanced Design with Superior Technology
The OS is a professional grade compact design total station. This all new advanced design provides an on-board data collection interface, exclusive LongLinkTM communication, and an incredibly powerful EDM.
Work directly on the bright, color touchscreen, or with the alpha-numeric keyboard to achieve higher levels of production with MAGNET Field on-board software.
Advanced Security & Maintenance with New TSshield™
MAGNET Field On-board
Exclusive LongLink Communications Functionality
Fast and Powerful EDM
Advanced Angle AccuracyThe OS is the perfect total station for many field applications including:
Land Surveying Property
Land Surveying Topo & Stakeout
Earthwork Volumes
Building Interior Layout
Construction of Roads
Law Enforcement Mapping
Primary OS features include:
Exclusive LongLinkTM     Ultra-Powerful, Advanced EDM
300m+ Wireless Link to Controller
Field Controller at the Prism Pole
More accurate code descriptions
Collect point Images at the measurement point.
500m non-prism range
4000m prism range
Red/Green Guidelight
Coaxial red laser pointer
Pinpoint, precise beamspot

Advanced Angle Encoder System     EDM Trigger Key
Best in Class 1 angle accuracy available
Incorporates exclusive IACS
(Independent Angle Calibration System)
on 1 & 2 models
Self calibration
Proven High Accuracy Technology
Perfect touch location
Promotes angle stability
No torque when measuring on-board
Water/Dust proof
Easy for gloved hands

Advanced OS features include:     Standard OS package includes:
Large Graphics
Easy to Read
Color Touchscreen

Achieve higher levels of production with MAGNET Field on-board software
Part of the MAGNET Solution, MAGNET Field On-board runs directly on the OS total station touch screen. Utilize the on-board USB port to plug a USB flash drive into the side panel for fast file transfer. Or for more traditional transfer, use a USB mini cable and transfer files to MAGNET Office Tools.
With direct exchange between MAGNET Field On-board and MAGNET Office Tools, you will see an increase in overall productivity.
All of the total station functions are available directly on-board.  In Survey, there is Topo, X-Section, Find Station, Tape Dimension, and Missing Line.  In Stake, there is Points, Lines, Offsets, Surface, Point in Direction, Curve, Real-Time Roads, Road, Slope, and Linework staking.  Plus many calculation functions like Inverse, Intersection, Curves, Area, Corner Angle, Offsets, Adjust, Traverse, and DTM.
Alphanumeric Keyboard
4-Way Navigation Button
OS Total Station
Battery and Charger (one battery and charger included)
Lens Cap and Hood
Tool Kit
USB stick with digital Manual
Quick Guide
Carry Case and Carry Straps

Angle Measurement
Min. Resolution/Accuracy
OS-101     0.5”/1”
OS-102     1”/2”
OS-103     1”/3”
OS-105 (Single Display)     1”/5”
IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System)     Standard on 1” & 2” models
Compensation     Dual-axis compensator
Distance Measurement
Prism EDM Range     4000m
Prism EDM Accuracy     2mm+2ppm
Non-Prism Range     500m
Non-Prism Accuracy     3mm+2ppm (0.3-200m)
Measuring Time     Fine: 0.9 sec
Rapid: 0.7 sec
Tracking: 0.3 sec
LongLink™ rover communications utilizing
Bluetooth® Class 1
USB 2.0 Slot (Host + Slave)
RS-232C Serial
Display/Keyboard     Dual, LCD, Touchscreen
(OS-105 Single)
Battery Operation     Up to 20 hours
Dust/Water Protection     IP65
Wireless Connection     Bluetooth Class 1
Operating Range     -30C to +60C
-35C to +60C


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