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Topcon is pleased to announce the versatile RE-S1 1 watt radio extension system with field-proven, 915+ technology. The RE-S1 can be utilized as a transmit/receive external 915+ radio with any Topcon receiver or as a stand-alone repeater to increase range between base and rover.
Features Include:
1 watt transmitting power for long range communication between base and rover receivers
Repeater mode allows operational range to be extended
Compatible with any Topcon GNSS receiver and supports all products with 915+ radio technology
No FCC licensing required
Can be used as mobile repeater with optional car lighter adapter

Enclosure: Aluminum
Dimensions: W:145 x H:110 x D:35 mm
Weight: 0.4 kg
Antenna: External
Battery: External (no internal power source)
Controller: External
LEDs: One LED: RX TX ? modem status
Communication I/O
Communication Ports: Two high speed RS232 serial ports
Port specifications: RS232 Serial Port
Baud rate: 460800,230400,115200(Default),57600,
38400,19200,9600,4800,2400,1200,600, 300
Flow control: RTS/CTS
Length: 7,8 (default)
Sop bit: 1 (default), 2
Parity: None (default), Odd, Even
Connectors: Modem Antenna (reverse polarity TNC), PWR, RS232
MINTER: One LED (see ?LEDs? on page 9 for details)
Antenna Type
Type: 1/2 wave articulating whip
Connector: Reverse polarity TNC
Gain: 2.5 dBi
Modem and Connector
Modem: Spread Spectrum
Type: Reverse polarity TNC
Signal Type: Modem I/O
Dir: I/O
Details: RF/GSM output from modem antenna

Operating temperature: 40 C? to +55 C?
Storage temperature: 40 C? to +75 C?
Humidity: 95%

General Modem Details
Frequency Range country/region/purpose dependent 902 to 928 MHz, United States 915 to 925 MHz, Australia
Signal structuring: Frequency-hopping spread spectrum
Hopping pattern: 5 per band, user-selectable
Hopping channels: 128
Occupied bandwidth: 100 KHz
Frequency modulation technique: FSK, 64 Kbps
System gain: 29 dB
Operation mode: Transmitter, Receiver, Repeater
Protocol: FH915, FH915+
Data Communications
Serial interface: RS232
Serial data rate: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 bps, user selectable
Effective radio link rate: 9600, 10200, 17000, 51000 bps User selectable for FH915; automatic selection for FH915+
Error correction: FEC (15.7), majority decoding


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