Trimble R9s


Trimble R9s

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Advanced satellite tracking with Trimble 360 receiver technology
Convenient front panel display and configuration
Bluetooth?, Ethernet, serial and USB support
Data logging internally and to external drive
Multiple data file formats
Trimble CenterPoint RTX provides RTK level precision anywhere without the need for a base station or VRS network
Trimble xFill technology provides seamless RTK coverage during connection outages .

Scalable GNSS Modularity
The Trimble? R9s receiver is a GNSS receiver designed to provide Survey professionals with maximum features and flexibility. The Trimble technologies provided in the Trimble R9s receiver are a unique and comprehensive combination.?
Options and Upgrades
The Trimble R9s receiver platform allows you to purchase the options you what, when you want them. Whether you just need a simple receiver for post processing, a base receiver for transmitting RTK corrections, rover for mobile positioning, or a full base and rover capability, the Trimble R9s is scalable to meet your needs. You can also upgrade at anytime which means your technology investment can grow as your needs do.

Trimble CenterPoint RTX?
Trimble CenterPoint RTX delivers RTK level precision anywhere in the world without the use of a local base station or Trimble VRS? Network. Survey using satellite delivered, CenterPoint RTX corrections in areas where terrestrial based corrections are not available. When surveying over a great distance in a remote area, such as a pipeline or utility right of way, CenterPoint RTX eliminates the need to continuously move a base station or maintain connection to cell coverage.

Trimble xFill
Leveraging a worldwide network of Trimble GNSS reference stations and satellite datalinks, Trimble xFill seamlessly fills in for gaps in your RTK or VRS connection stream. In combination with a CenterPoint RTX subscription, survey level precisions are maintained for an infinite duration.

Trimble 360 Receiver?
Powerful Trimble 360 receiver technology in the Trimble R9s receiver supports signals from all existing and planned GNSS constellations and augmentation systems. With two integrated Trimble Maxwell? 6 chips, the Trimble R9s offers an unparalleled 440 GNSS channels. Trimble delivers business confidence with a sound GNSS investment for today and long into the future.


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