Trimble S6 Total Stations


Trimble S6 Total Stations

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Now available with Trimble VISION technology, the Trimble S6 Total Station enables surveyors to remotely see and measure through a live video feed from the instrument on their data controller. By integrating survey data with the live video surveyors can verify their work and ensure that they have captured everything before leaving the job. The calibrated camera allows users to easily integrate images into their survey workflows. Photo documentation also allows surveyors to complement the data they provide to clients with images of the job conditions and point attributes, making the data easier to understand.

The new Trimble S6 DR Plus Total Station offers advanced MagDrive technology for breathtaking speed. It takes the work out of conventional servo or robotic surveying.
With an array of performance-enhancing features at your fingertips, the Trimble S6 is built for speed. And for surveyors on the move, the scalable system is fully upgradeable from Servo to Autolock and Robotic technologies.

MagDrive Servo Technology
With smooth, silent MagDrive servo motors, the Trimble S6 delivers exceptional speed and accuracy. Eliminating the wear associated with traditional drives, the instruments advanced error compensation provides fast, accurate measurement every time.

Capable of changing face at lightning speed and turning 115 per second, the Trimble S6 will keep pace with your every move.
Performance Features to Keep You Moving Fast
Trimble DR Plus effectively doubles reflectorless range, so hard-to-reach and unsafe targets are no obstacle to field performance
Trimble SurePoint? The instrument automatically compensates for minor movements from wind, weather and sinkage
Intelligent tracking systems including Trimble GPS Search, MultiTrack Target and Target ID eliminate lost time due to lost targets
Combine GNSS and Optical techniques in the field.


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