Onboard Live 3D Scanplan

  • The Veo+ embedded modeling tools support multiple probes and scans, enabling quick and efficient set up of inspection plans.
  • Choose from a range of weld geometries, render and visualise probes on the part, at precise locations, representing reality with high fidelity. Then add sound paths, with skips, allowing to assess and ensure proper coverage as planned in the scan plan.
  • The VEO+ embedded modelling tools are invaluable assets and a reference for the inspection report, communicating inspections results more completely and more clearly, as well as providing precious information to increase users’ level of expertise. This feature makes the VEO+ a choice of excellence for serious NDT schools looking to provide the best academic training to the future inspectors.
Remote Control Solution
  • Using Sonatest’s UTLink software application, VEO+ can be fully used and controlled remotely, via a simple network connection. As VEO+ now offers WiFi along with its fast GB Ethernet port, the possibilities are practically unlimited.
  • Get real-time advice by an expert when you need help
  • Available for Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Easy installation with quick connection procedure
  • Very simple user interface (virtual instrument!)
  • Instrument auto-detection (works for VEO+ & Prisma)
Advanced Analysis
  • In no time, you will be able to accomplish amazing things and get the job done.
  • UT Studio software application, which comes as part of the Veo+ package, is used to manage inspection configurations, perform data analysis and build precise reports.
  • Veo+ data files are easily transferred via a network or a USB data key to the PC. Then, thanks to a comprehensive, right click / drag and drop user interface, you can create new data views, customize color palettes, add and modify gates and measurement parameters, generate extended reports and much more.


The VEO+ enclosure has also been designed to withstand the toughest of environments and has been successfully tested in the field for 5 years.


  • High-Res. Weld Inspection
  • Standard Weld Inspection
  • Fast Composite Inspection
  • Heavy Thickness Weld Inspection (S-Scan & L-Scan)
  • Large & Fast Corrosion Map
  • Large & Fast Composite Map
  • Complex Geometry Parts
  • Deep Penetration
  • Attenuative Special Alloys
  • Multi-Scan Apps


  • Fast and Accurate Results
  • 32 Channel PA Beam
  • Integrated Help, Wizards and Optimisation Tips
  • Standard Wedge Delay, TCG, DAC, TOFD setups and Encoder Calibration
  • All adjustments to focal laws are instantaneous, with angle resolution to 0.1° and up to 1024 focal laws without loss of performance
  • Remote Control via a simple network connection
  • UT Studio Software Application
  • Additional Wheelprobes
  • Nubitus Cloud Key


  • Lithium Battery VEO / Prisma
  • VEO/Prisma Power Supply (LEMO)
  • 1 Bay Battery Charger
  • 2 Bay Battery Charger
  • 32:32 Y-Splitter I-PEX:I-PEX
  • 64:64 Y-Splitter I-PEX:I-PEX
  • VEO/Prisma Ominscan Adaptor
  • WP VEO Encoder to MX2 Adaptor
  • Adaptor GE:I-PEX
  • Micro 8Gb USB SDC233-008G-B35
  • Compact USB WI-FI Router
  • Waterproof Mouse
  • Waterproof Keyboard
  • Portable Hand spray – 7 litres
  • Quick Start Guide VEO+
  • Carry Strap VEO/Prisma
  • Veo Storm Case with Insert
  • Veo Window Protector


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