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Rapid and Cost-Efficient TXRF ? A Real Alternative to ICP
Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) spectroscopy is a well-established method for trace element analysis of a variety of samples. The S4 TStar simplifies TXRF for 24/7 routine operation with guaranteed data quality. Significant improvements of detection limits are accompanied by automatic QC procedures, useful software routines and a unique versatility in terms of sample types and carriers.
Your Benefits

The benchtop TXRF spectrometer S4 TStar offers lowest detection limits in the sub-ppb range.
Automatic quality control features provide confidence in data and instrument quality.
Maximum versatility for a direct analysis of many types of samples on different carriers.
Optimized for 24/7 operation in industrial routine analysis.
Designed for multi-user operation with a high capacity of 90 samples.
A selection of sample trays and other tools accelerates sample preparation and minimizes errors and contamination risks.?

No Worries About New Pharma, Food and Environmental Regulations
S4 TStar is a powerful tool for food fraud prevention in globalized supply chains; e.g. food safety according to FAO/WHO standards realized by direct analysis of low levels of As in rice.
S4 TStar monitors catalyzer elements in pharmaceutical production according to upcoming US and EU Pharmacopeia guidelines; e.g. detection of sub-ppm catalyzer elements in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and additives.
S4 TStar provides a versatile solution for water, effluent, air and soil analysis for the recovery of a healthy environment; e.g. environmental monitoring by direct measurement of contaminants in wastewater, slurries and effluents in the low ppb range.
Outstanding Sample Versatility
The S4 TStar is a very versatile tool for the analysis of a great variety of sample types on different reflective carriers. This puts it ahead of ICP, which requires fully dissolved liquid samples.
Automatic QC Procedure

S4 TStar is the first TXRF spectrometer that automatically runs QC routines for operational and performance qualification in the background. Integrated QA samples allow automatic stability and sensitivity checks.
Unique SampleCare?
SampleCare? constantly protects your samples and improves the quality of your data. The reduced air flow and integrated sample housing minimizes sample contamination.
Convenient Sample Control and Archiving
Control the quality of your sample with a magnified image by a CCD camera. All sample images are automatically archived for subsequent review.
High Sample Capacity
The S4 TStar sample changer offers a high capacity of up to 90 sample discs and supports automated batch processing, e.g. for efficient measurements overnight. It is designed for multi-user operation and can be loaded with up to 10 different trays. This allows loading and unloading while the instrument is measuring another sample.
Easyload? Sample Station
Dedicated sample trays for different sample types are available. The trays are automatically recognized when inserted into the spectrometer. This prevents conflicts in case of different carrier types. It also enables the automatic loading and immediate start of any open measurement job.
Well-Designed Storage Solution
Trays can be stored in stackable boxes preventing contamination of the sample carriers. The bottom plate includes center markings, which allows direct pipetting of any sample without touching the sample carrier.
Final Results on the Spot
Typically, samples are prepared multiple times. Right after measurement the software automatically reports statistical data (average, standard deviation etc.). Standard libraries allow the determination of recoveries. Any deviation of the admissible tolerance will be highlighted.


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