BRuker S4 Tstar




Fast and cost-effective TXRF – an alternative to ICP

The S4 T-STAR ® is a versatile tool for the analysis of a wide variety of sample types including suspensions, powders, nanoparticles or films. This puts it ahead of ICP, which requires a completely dissolved liquid sample.

  • The TXRF S4 T-STAR ® spectrometer offers the lowest detection limit in the sub-ppb range.
  •  TXRF offers the lowest operating costs and requires no advanced gas, media or laboratory infrastructure.
  • Automated quality control features provide confidence in data and instrument quality.
  • This system is optimized for 24/7 operation in routine industrial analysis.
  • Bruker’s wide selection of sample trays and tools accelerates sample preparation and minimizes the risk of errors and contamination.

Technical details

Automatic QC Procedure


  • S4 T-STAR starts QC routine automatically.
  • Integrated QA samples allow stability and sensitivity checks.
Easyload™ Sample Station
  • Special trays for different types of samples are available
  • Trays are automatically recognized when inserted
High Sample Capacity
  • The S4 T-STAR offers a high capacity of up to 90 sample discs.
  • Supports automatic batch processing for efficient measurements overnight
  • Designed for multi-user operation, it can be filled with up to 10 sample trays
  • Unloading while the instrument is measuring another sample
Well-Designed Storage Solutions
  • The trays can be stored in stackable boxes
  • Prevention of contamination of the sample carrier
  • The bottom plate features a center mark for direct sample pipetting
Convenient Sample Control and Archiving


  • Control the quality of your samples with a CCD camera.
  • Sample images are automatically archived for later review.


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