CST/Berger ALVH Rotation Lasers




CST/Berger ALVH Rotation Lasers
The CST/berger ALHV is probably the closest you will get to an all purpose rotating laser level for both outside AND inside applications.
Featuring automatic horizontal AND vertical self leveling, and a remote controlled visible multispeed red laser beam, it can be used for both outdoor and indoorapplications.
For general outdoor construction work, builders, construction companies, commercial contractors and concrete placers need to use an automatic compensated laser with a

high accuracy of between +/- 1.0mm to 1.6mm per 30m (7-10″ sec arc) and a high accuracy receiver.
The CST/berger ALHV has these high specifications.
Outside, with a long operating range of up to 850 metres, the ALHV can be used for leveling applications such as civil contracting, earthworks, floors, profiles and

Lie the ALHV on its side and the laser will now vertically self level. The laser can now be used for stringline setout and squaring of profiles and boxing.
For simple off level grade work such as driveways and basic drainage, the ALHV also features a manual grade slope matching feature.
For indoor applications, the visible red beam of the ALHV can be used with the remote control to do suspended ceilings, raked compound ceilings, partitioning,

squaring, interior fitout etc.
The scanning function intensifies the beam as it scans back and forth within a pre-defined area, creating the appearance of a line. Select scanning line widths of 10°,

45°, 90° and 180°.
With a high weatherproof rating of IP67, the ALHV can be used in all weather.
Made in the USA, the 3 Year warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship.
Warranty: 3 yr.


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