Fluke 1524-CAL Handheld Thermometer Readout, 2 Channels


With 2 channels and 3 sensor types, this handheld thermometer readout helps you accomplish nearly twice the work in half the time, plus it helps you obtain high-speed measurements for boosted productivity.

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Fluke 1524-CAL Offers

This thermometer readout delivers exceptional accuracy, wide measurement range, logging and trending, all in a handheld tool you can take anywhere.


2 channels, memory for logging 15,000 measurements and real-time clock for time and date stamps
3 sensor types: PRTs -328 to 1,832?F (-200? to 1000?C), thermocouples -328 to 4,199?F (-200? to 2315?C) and precision thermistors -58 to 302?F (-50? to 150?C)
Accuracy: PRTs: ?0.011?C; thermocouples: ?0.24?C for J, K, L and M; precision thermistors: ?0.002?C
Fast mode: PRTs: 0.45 seconds per sample; thermocouples: 0.3 seconds per sample; precision thermistors: 0.3 seconds per sample
Graphical display: 128 x 64 backlit LCD graphic display, plot and scale trends in real time and simultaneous dual-channel readings

Fluke 1524-CAL Specifications

Input Channels

15,000 time and date stamped; 25 readings with statistics

Sample Interval (Normal)
1 second

Sample Interval (Fast Mode)
0.3 seconds (see technical manual for details)

Sensor Types
PRTs, RTDs, thermistors, thermocouples

Thermocouple Types
C, E, J, K, L, M, N, T, U, B, R, S

Operating Temperature
14 to 140?F (-10 to 60?C) (best accuracy 55.4 to 91.4?F (13 to 33?C))

Power Requirements
3 AA alkaline batteries

3.75 x 7.9 x 1.86in (96 x 200 x 47mm)

Environmental Conditions For Best Accuracy
55.4 to 91.4?F (13 to 33?C)

Millivolt Range And Accuracy
-10 to 75mV ?(0.005% + 5?V)

Resistance Range And Accuracy
0 to 400? ?(0.004% + 0.002?); 200 to 50k? ?(0.01% + 0.5?); 50 to 500k? ?(0.03%)

Temperature Coefficient, Voltage (-10 to 13?C, +33 to 60?C)
?(0.001%/?C + 1?V/?C)

Temperature Coefficient, Resistance (-10 to 13?C, +33 to 60?C)
0.0008%/?C + 0.0004? (0 to 400?); 0.002%/?C + 0.1? (0 to 50k?); 0.06%/?C + 0.1? (50 to 500k?)

Excitation Current, Resistance
1mA (0 to 400?); 10?A (0 to 50k?); 2?A (50 to 500k?)


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