Fluke 437-II/BASIC Power Quality Analyzer, 4 Current Input


Measures power, energy and power quality data on all 3 phases including harmonics, transients, sags/swells, power factor, inrush. Does not include current probes.



Fluke 437-II/BASIC Offers

The Fluke 437-II is a Class A compliant three-phase power quality analyzer that help you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in single phase and three phase power distribution systems. Great for Marine, Military, and Aero Applications. In addition to all the standard features of the Fluke 434-II, the Fluke 437-II offers additional features for the more demanding application.

The new 437-II offers most of the same measurement capabilities of the first generation of product:

Volts, Amps, HzDips & SwellsHarmonicsPower & EnergyUnbalanceMonitor ModeInrushTransientsFlickerMains SignallingEvent Capture

In addition, the new Fluke 437 Series-II also adds several great new features and capabilities.

New Flexible Wide Range Current Probes – the introduction of the new i430-TF ultra-thin flexible current probe offers 0.5A to 6000A range

Power Inveter Efficiency – measure the efficiency of conversion from DC to AC for renewable energy systems

Energy Loss Calculator – measure and put an estimated cost associated with the power loss that comes from phase unbalance and harmonics

PowerWave – measure and record voltage, current and frequency at high speed to monitor power quality problems associated with load switching

8MB -> 8GB of Memory – a removable SD memory card offers 10x the memory and is upgradeable to 32GB

Fluke 437-II/BASIC Specifications

Battery Life7 hoursBattery TypenimhCAT III Rating1000vCAT IV Rating600vCurrent AC Accuracy1% + 5 countsCurrent DC Accuracy0.10%Current Inputs4Dimensions256 mm x 169 mm x 64 mm (10 in x 6.5 in x 2.5 in)High Speed Capture Rate200IP Ratingip51Memory16Operating Temperature0 ?
c to +50 ?
c (32 ?
f to 122 ?
f)Sample Rate20.48Storage Temperature-20 ?
c to +60 ?
c (-4 ?
f to +140 ?
f)`Typical Recording Period30Voltage AC Accuracy0.1% vnomVoltage DC Accuracy0.10%Voltage Inputs4Warranty3 yearsWeight2 kg (4.5 lb)
Click here for complete specifications on the Fluke 437-II/BASIC


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